Tom O'Dea's practice is heavily informed by the legacies of Modernist and Minimalist ideologies and often the absurdity of the polemics involved. Distrusting the aspirations of the grandiose, he intuitively works on a modest scale that engages with both the cache and absurdity of the minimalist gesture. He works with a formal restlessness stemming from a wariness of idiom and a deep-seated anxiety of falling into a habit-forming ‘default mode’. This sees materials with utilitarian associations deflate or forgo any notion of attempted virtuosity or preciousness associated with the use of ‘finer’ media. The parity between the intricately worked and a seemingly provisional resolution likewise questions the primacy of either.

His is a strong position of tentative doubt – the ambition of the work being to exist along the line between the quietly poetic and the borderline pathetic.


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